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Delfino Marketing

We’ve been working with Rafael for almost 15 years now and he is someone we can count on whenever we need specialty services and programming work done. In the early days he developed programs with ASP and Java and now with PHP coding. Over the years he has developed databases, training modules, ecommerce sampling, a WooCommerce store and more. He is very professional, efficient and fair. We are delighted to be working with him and will continue to do so.  

LANline Communications

I am the President of LANline Communications, a provider of Internet, telephone and information technology services in White Plains, NY. I have worked very closely with Rafael for the last 30+ years, during his tenures as Director of IT at CBRE, Verizon and MCI. During that time we worked closely on many IT projects related to network security, network operating system, email platform conversions acnd network infrastructure upgrades. I have in-depth knowledge of his technical skills and his performance as an IT team leader and project manager and they are second to none. 

Rafael is an IT professional in the broadest sense of the term, as adept at setting strategic direction as he is at planning and managing projects, internal staff and outside professionals. I have watched him turn around multiple underperforming IT organizations and bring real IT vision and leadership to the companies he worked for. Rafael is adept at introducing new technologies that are mature enough to perform reliably and offer real benefits to the organization. What impressed me about Rafael when I first started working with him was his obvious high intelligence and interpersonal skills.  Over time I became equally impressed with his strong work ethic, dependability and his ability to lead.